Wednesday, August 18, 2010


...and praying hard about it. What am I going to do about Abigail and her foal? I have told their story to a BUNCH of rescue folks through my internet connections and the OVERWHELMING response - 100% - is they should NOT go back to Mary.

Financially, I should get my reimbursement and let them go back to Mary's house, and walk away for good. If she has truly found a trainer, someone else can take over helping her.

Morally, knowing that Mary and her family cannot take proper care of either one, can I live with myself? Especially if, as I fear, the baby dies?

And how can I continue to call myself a rescuer if I turn my back on them?

I strongly believe that I take on a responsibility for these animals when I agree to take them in... just as much of a responsibility as I feel toward any animal bred by my design. I feel sorry for Mary, I truly do, but under the circumstances, well, yeah, I KNOW what the right answer is. And she is NOT going to happy about it.

I feel like throwing up. I can't sleep. Now starts the possible conversations running through my head...

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