Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Memorial Service

Sorry if this seems to be my focus right now but yeah, it's just real important to me...

Today we went to Lynn's memorial service. Randy doesn't do funerals well but he opted to come along, and afterward, he told me he was really happy that he did... that it was a wonderfully uplifting celebration of Lynn's life rather than the "funeral" he is used to seeing... and doesn't usually want to attend.

We pulled into the church parking lot to find Sabrina's truck with Lynn's trailer and PATCH! He was saddled, with Lynn's boots backwards in the stirrups and her helmet hanging from the saddle. Of course I had to go and give him another hug... he still seems confused, missing his mama!

Inside there were several poster-boards and framed pictures of Lynn and events and people in her life. Her horse friends gathered to sit together.

First the pastor spoke, then there was one member of her family who spoke, and afterwards a slideshow of family pictures. Next was a good friend with whom she traveled a lot, and then a slideshow from their many trips. And last but of course, not least, was Sabrina, and then a slideshow from Lynn's horse life.

I was so honored that Sabrina chose to use some of my pictures in the slideshow. Randy would whisper "there you are" and at the next shot I would be whispering back to him "I took that one" and telling him where it was... toward the end, Sabrina included a shot of Lynn with my dog Sherman on her lap, and that broke the dam. She sure loved that dog and he loved his Auntie Lynn right back. It really meant a lot to me that Sabrina would include him!

Afterward the horse folks were all standing around near Patch and Lynn's father approached. I heard someone ask if he had ever met Patch and he said no (he lives out of state). So he was introduced to Patch and it was incredible, Patch nuzzled at his hand as if he KNEW that was Lynn's dad, his "grandpa".

We all adjourned to another location for the reception and of course more visiting and hugs and stories about Lynn. I got to meet one sister and toward the end, someone came to me and asked if I had met Casey, Lynn's daughter, yet. I had not, and they said well she is in the hallway and she is asking everyone, "Are you Sherman's mother?" So of course I went right away and came up behind her, touched her shoulder and as she turned I asked "Are you Casey?" and she said yes. I said, "You have been asking for me" and she got a blank look for about a second, then the light came on and at the same time, I said "I am Sherman's mom" and she said "Are you SHERMAN's mom???" She gave me a big hug and told me that her mom was always coming home from rides and talking about Sherman, she loved my dog... I didn't realize how important we were to her and that makes me feel really good.

Next thing I knew, a young lady standing by Casey said "I thought that was you" and she looked familiar but I figured I had seen her earlier at the church or something... then I realized, it was Mindy from accounting in the main office of the law firm I work for! We e-mail all the time but rarely see each other, however we were both at the Taco Party Friday night and did have a few minutes of conversation then. She said "I didn't know you knew my aunt!" and I said "I didn't know you were Lynn's niece!" and we both said wow what a small world...

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye but this particular "funeral" was anything but. It was a fantastic celebration of the life of a wonderful woman and I ended the day saying to Randy...

If I die first, you think back to this day. My friends will help you. THIS is what I want...

I am sure Lynn approved!!!!!

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