Friday, August 20, 2010

Just In The Nick of Time...

Got a call late last night from the daughter of Moses, the owner of the property where Abigail came from... he did remember me and was happy to do the paperwork that we neglected to do back in October!!!!! Picked up my bill of sale this morning at 8:00, and shortly thereafter got a call from Soleil at AERO, who is a veritable fountain of support and advice, checking on our status. She was so happy to hear about that piece of paper!!!

Got a call mid-morning from a new Deputy Sheriff (the officer from yesterday is off today) to say that he needed to set an appointment to meet Mary at my house as they now have an appropriate trailer... and as Soleil instructed, I informed him that we were now playing a whole different ball game. Honestly I expected an argument but I didn't get it, he asked me to fill in some information as he didn't have the whole story, and asked a few questions, and that was it. He said he would call Mary back and tell her that without a bill of sale from ME to HER they could not come pick up the donkeys, and he told me that if they show up here I am to call 9-1-1.

That, I can do!

So I guess I will be on pins and needles for a bit, waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak... but the gate will be constantly locked, the dogs will be on guard, and if things go right both donks will NOT be here for long... and hopefully without a legal leg to stand on, Mary and her family will finally do the right thing and walk away.

Step 1 for me is to contact Fawn WITH AN ADOPTION APPLICATION and confirm she still wants to adopt the foal, and get her back over there with paperwork in order! After this experience I vow I will never EVER take in or adopt out any animal without making sure EVERY i is dotted and EVERY t is crossed!

On another front... I got a call from Sabrina, one of my endurance friends, it seems that Lynn, another of our group, is about to lose her battle with cancer. They are sending her home from the hospital today, so that she can die at home. She asked Sabrina to gather our group together and come visit her tomorrow morning, saying "I won't die today, and I won't die tomorrow, but I can't make any guarantees after that".

This just breaks my heart, not only for Lynn, who is only 55, and is leaving a son, a daughter and two YOUNG grandchildren whom she dearly loves... but for Sabrina as well, who is losing her best friend. Literally, when I think of them, it is not Sabrina and Lynn, not even Sabrina-and-Lynn... it is SabrinaandLynn...

And I am stressing about tomorrow, I have never been in this situation... what does one say to a person who is at the end of their life? I am worried about sounding stupid or crass or rude or insensitive... Lynn is an incredible woman and I am so VERY honored that she considers me a friend - especially one good enough to be called for tomorrow's goodbye visit.

I have to drive into town for a party at the main office... I will use the drive time to plan for tomorrow.

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Debby said...

I'm very sorry for your friend. It's always a bit of a shock to read things like this, and yet it happens, doesn't it?

I've been following along with your story, and eek! Sounds hair raising. I just have a lot less time to comment.

I really enjoyed meeting you, Susan, and I am looking forward to staying in touch. That being said, there is a couple post cards on my table. *Sigh* I suck!