Thursday, August 19, 2010

Could Things Get Any Worse???

I woke up this morning feeling certain that I have made the right decision, the donks cannot go back to Mary. Trying to get things back on track, before work I drive out to the property where Abigail came from and leave a note, and a form of bill of sale, for the owner...

Had to drive most of the way across town to southwest Goodyear to a client's house so she can sign some papers, on the way back I take a deep breath and call Mary... long long story short, it does not go well. She hands the phone to her husband who threatens me with the Sheriff and hangs up on me.

So instead of back to work, I go home. Randy is at school and Hilary at work and I cannot leave the property unattended... A phone call to Randy and he heads my way as back-up, and so that if nothing has happened by the time I need to get back to the office, I can go.

Shortly after he arrives, vehicles start to gather. With no camera I cannot document the truck and CAR HAULER, nor the small car parked across my driveway - trying to prevent us from leaving? Eventually the Sheriffs arrive... I watch for them to come to the gate, I will not go out until they do. It takes forever... thankfully Randy is wise enough to stay inside and let me handle things.

I attempt to be calm and reasonable but when they say that due to my inadvertent reference to Mary as "the owner" on a prior blog post, which I did correct later but which they had already printed, and no other paperwork, their hands were tied and I had to give up the donkeys. I explained to the Deputy that I had already advised these people that the foal was NOT here, but he was welcome to come in and see the mother. I said I was not comfortable telling anyone where the foal was because my friend was doing me a favor and did not need to be dragged into this, in no way did I want those people to know where she lived... His reply was "You had better get comfortable with ME real quick, or you are going to jail!"

YIKES! And YIKES again! I feel horrible but I cannot, for any reason, put my own animals at risk, my brain is scrambling...

We go see Abigail, as we walk I am telling the deupty some of the examples of why I have refused to return the donkeys to Mary's property... I can tell he is an animal lover and is shocked - "she feeds the donkey CAKE?" and I also point out that I am also trying to protect Mary, with her disabilities Abigail, and eventually the baby, could easily knock her down and cause her injury... But he says his hands are tied and he has to follow "the law" {yes the fingers are going here, making those invisible quotation marks!} He asks if Mary gave me a lead rope with the donkey (no) and it sinks in that he is expecting me to lead her up front right now, and they are planning to load her into that CAR HAULER!!!!! Oh my Lord, I quickly point out that it is over 110 degrees out here, and state that I am really uncomfortable with that. He actually agreed with me and said he would tell them to go and get a propr horse trailer... so I ask if it would be an acceptable alternative for me to call my friend and have her bring the baby back to my place while they are changing trailers... and he agrees.

So that is one thing less to worry about, they will not know where she lives!

Everyone leaves... Fawn brings the baby back... I try to call the Deputy to get permission to go back to work, as Randy is home to provide access. Have to leave a message, no return call. Finally I have no choice so I leave, calling again and leaving a second message with Randy's phone number and explaining that I must return to my office for an appointment.

At 5:00 I am out the door, first thing I call Randy... he has heard nothing.

I get home, he has still heard nothing.

Well I guess I had better go ahead and feed the two donkeys along with everyone else, and if their dinner is interrupted, they will just have to finish after they are moved.

I finish feeding, we have still heard nothing.

Darkness falls, we have still heard nothing.

The gate is locked, and I am going to TRY to sleep. I am just worn to a frazzle!