Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bad Ending to a Good Trip

Well the day started out nice, we chatted a bit with Uncle Bernie and Aunt Robyn, waiting for Grandma to get up and around after her busy day yesterday... got all packed and loaded, and headed to her place about 10 to take her to breakfast. Well she fooled us, she had been up for a while and already eaten! Got the tour of the old farmhouse and with no trouble at all convinced Grandma to come on out with us anyway, "heck I haven't had my juice yet I can sit with you and have my juice" she said... wanna guess where we went?

Yup BOB'S BIG BOY lol... although we were too late for the buffet by the time we got there. And instead of juice, Grandma splurged on a chocolate malt!!!

We had a lovely visit, catching up on what she has been doing lately, and all too soon had to take her back home and share with other family members staying at her house. Chatted a bit and then it was on the road to head toward Detroit... we stopped back at Island Park on the way out of town, a couple of the pictures I had taken yesterday were blurry so we tried them again. Climbed back in the car, dropped the camera in its bag at my feet... stopped once at a rest stop, car was locked... stopped once at a gas station, Randy never left the car... pulled into the rental return parking lot and Ali the shuttle driver came bustling over, rushing us, grabbed out suitcases out of the trunk and headed for his shuttle, we were still gathering stuff, I checked the floor to make sure I had all the trash out (yes my mama taught me well), Ali was calling over his shoulder to check the car for cell phones etc., I patted my pocket - yes I have my phone - grabbed little bags and ran after Ali who was disappearing with our big bags. Got to the terminal and checked in to find that thanks to the folks in Phoenix taking our paperwork, and Randy misremembering our departure time, we were going to have RUN for our plane... in fact we are now on stand-by!!!!! And getting situated to go through security I realize I do NOT see the camera! Immediately called the rental office, messed with the darned automated system, never could get a live person... had to shut off the phone to get through the security checkpoint. Tried again right after that, still nothing, finally called the main number and had them take a message, the camera must have gotten kicked under my seat, I KNOW it was there and I KNOW I don't have it now...

Praying hard, Randy is telling me if there is only one seat I go without him and he will sit in the airport until tomorrow... which does NOT make me happy! Thank God some folks didn't show, Randy and I were the LAST two people to board the plane. No way we are sitting together at this point, but we are so grateful that we are both on the way home...

Arrive at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, get our bags and the Jeep and get on the road, and I am calling National again... got a real person but she says I have to hold while she finishes with her customer at the counter. After being on hold for half an hour I hand Randy my phone and use his to call again... the gal answers {oops} the end result is, she says they will call me once they have checked the car...

Because we moved around so much on this trip I was extremely conscious of where that camera was the entire time... after all, I didn't want to get to Michigan to find I had left it in Indiana! I must admit that I used the "Grandma's 90th Birthday Party Pictures" story on the rental car folks, even though those are the ONLY pictures we actually CAN replace, because there were so many cameras at the party... It's the time with Debby, and Amish country, and Randy's cannons that we can't replace :(

So I am praying hard that we get a GOOD call tomorrow!!!

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