Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Join Me In Shaking My Head...

Before our trip I had a conversation with Mary G, went somethign like this:

Mary: I want both donkeys back at my house.

Me: I am about to go out of town, the baby is already at my friend's house because Hilary has her hands full, I don't have time to bring them.

Mary: When do you get back?

Me: Monday night.

Mary: Bring them Monday night.

Me: Our plane doesn't even get in until evening, we won't be home until late.

Mary: Bring them Tuesday night.

Me: I really won't have time until my day off Friday.

Mary: Bring them Tuesday night.

Me: We will have to see, getting home so late Monday I don't know what will be happening.

Mary: Bring them Tuesday night.

Me: I will see how it goes...

As I leave work tonight, it is pouring rain... all the way home, showers off and on, I get home and barely have time to feed before it hits... so there is NO WAY that I am going to hook up a trailer in this weather! The baby is still at my friend's... and bottom line is, I am still REALLY uncomfortable with either of them going back to Mary's anyway.

So the phone rings, guess who? "Just wanted to make sure you were on your way" {sigh}

She is not listening to anything I have to say, eventually I give up arguing and hang up... several calls back which I choose to let go to voice mail as I am finished arguing... and then she calls my husband. Apparently him saying "not in this weather" somehow sinks in where me saying it didn't...

I haven't even unpacked yet!!!!!

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