Friday, August 27, 2010

Flooring Friday!

Since Lindsey ditched the movie planned with me and Hilary for today, I stayed home and busted out another section of the living floor. I KICKED BUTT!!!! Ripped out the old carpet and pad, pulled up all the staples and nails and tack strip, vacuumed all the loose crud, sprayed the base flooring with "Alive" - LOVE THAT STUFF! - and when that was dry, painted it. While the paint was drying I ran up to Wickenburg for some hay and when I got back Randy was home... With him handing me the pieces of flooring so I don't have to get up and down, it goes pretty fast! I didn't take pictures because with half the room empty and piled into the other half, I really DON'T want y'all seeing the mess we are living in right now {sigh}. Once the floor is done though, you will see!!!

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