Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aunt Carol and Indiana

Really really neat old barns on the way to Aunt Carol's and yes I took a few really neat pictures of them. Kick that imagination into gear again... [sigh}

We arrived later than we had planned so opted to have dinner close to "home" and chatted up a storm the whole time driving, waiting, eating, driving back, and for a couple more hours sitting in the living room... stayed up too late but we SO enjoyed talking with Aunt Carol. I had not met her before as when Uncle Mike came out to visit she was not with him. But I could not stop saying to Randy, "I LOVE your Aunt Carol"...

{There have been "issues" with some of Randy's closer family members, for example the sister who was seriously ticked that we got married on HER anniversary - as if Randy could remember what day that was - and the sister-in-law who felt it appropriate for Randy's ex-wife to be a roommate to her and Randy's brother - and the brother who couldn't say NO to that... ANYWAY it should come as no surprise then that I really really loved his Uncle Mike for the person he was, and I was thrilled to find out his wife was just like him!}

Amongst the talking, Aunt Carol had us go into the basement to look for the missing box of cannon miscellaneous that Randy's dad was unable to locate... AND HE FOUND IT! Tim would certainly understand his excitement... AND for me, she dug in the spare room closet and came out with her last remaining re-enactment outfit, AND IT FIT ME!!! Well almost, it should be taken in a bit... but unless I lose the rest of the weight I want to this winter, I might very well leave it be so that it isn't tight (which will be hot!)... Anyway I have a skirt and blouse, a chemise, a slip, TWO sets of drawers, socks, garters, THREE different pairs of boots/slippers, multiple hats for different times of day... I promised her pictures but it has been so busy and so hot here that I haven't wanted to put all those clothes on even inside the house. When I do it, I will post pictures on the blog too :)

This morning we got up and somehow got to talking and talked through breakfast time so a quick snack to hold us and we took off for Shipshewana... Randy has been dreaming about the fried chicken at the Blue Gate Restaurant since the last time he ate there... and he's normally a BEEF guy!

We arrived a bit early for lunch so wandered through several shops, where I found souvenir magnets, and one antique store where I found a lace collar to compliment my outfit! I also drummed up my courage and asked one Amish gentleman if I could touch his horse, explaining that I had my own at home and I missed them so... I was absurdly happy to come away with my fingers smelling of horse sweat {grin}. If you need that explained... ask Mikey!!!

The Blue Gate lived up to Randy's memories and I can honestly say it was the best fried chicken I have ever had. After lunch we visited a wheelwright as Randy is looking for wheels (and actually the whole "carriage") for another cannon barrel his club picked up not long ago... and in his yard he had for sale an old covered wagon replica. Kick that imagination into gear again, I took pictures... and this one part I will have to explain in detail as it had me laughing out loud:

They had a "modern" for sale sign on it, the kind you can buy anywhere... with spaces for make, model and year... in the space for year it said...


Now tell me you aren't chuckling to yourself...

Back to Aunt Carol's we went to get her settled in her comfy chair and load up the rental car... the cannon box would not fit in the trunk so into the back seat it went.


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