Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uppercut to the Chin...

Well I've never been in a bar fight, nor a boxing ring... but thanks to Hemi, as of this morning I know EXACTLY what an uppercut to the chin feels like! GEEZ! With the cow-boys being so little, I have to bend over to hang on to them... I started working with one of them a few minutes each morning, it's too hot for much more but I've GOT to get started... they are fairly wild and unhandled so it's going to take a while. This morning I had hold of Hemi, was petting him and scratching his poll, he actually stopped trying to run away a LOT faster than the first time (Monday) so I thought I would try to get him to eat something out of my other hand, with no warning he just reared up and CLOCKED me right in the chin with his poll. Yeah, I lost my grip on the halter and he was gone, I saw stars and my EAR hurt! I hate to let the critter "win" but at this point I was NOT feeling like starting over so I opted to walk away... and SIT DOWN!

I think I'm ok now... just waiting to see if my chin turns purple, black and blue!

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Mikey said...

Dang girl, I hope you're ok!
Some days, is best just to give up. I hate to also, but last time I tried to trim Jack, with my sunburned legs... he kept kicking and I finally said to heck with this. I gave up and went inside. There's always another day... lol