Friday, July 2, 2010

Talk About Stupid!!!

And I KNOW better... with the zebu coming and the decision made to keep my friend Jean's little donkey jack Lucky for her for a while, she says he is lonely and depressed, not eating much although that's actually not such a bad thing as he is overweight from being on pasture... Anyway I needed to move some folks around here. I didn't want to ask for help as Randy was already started on the trailer repair and I didn't want to annoy him by interrupting him... divided Dillon's pen in half and put Wiley and Ozzie on the other side, thought I could handle doing it myself, thought since they were eating breakfast they would be concentrating on their food and not bother me... yeah right! I hadn't had my coffee yet {great excuse right} so my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders, and long story short they knocked the double divider down before I could get it secure and were fighting, all I could think of was to separate them before they hurt each other...


So instead of annoying Randy, I made him really angry by doing something so stupid and getting hurt ~ and dammit I DO know better...

So now I have my own personal example of why jacks do not make good pets :(

Not that things will change around here because they DO have a job as breeding jacks... but you can bet I will NOT be that stupid again!

It caught me by surprise and man did it hurt!

And yeah I am thanking God that Wiley has grass-eating teeth and not meat-eating teeth!!

Ok, this was my "punishment", to admit to all of you that I should have known better and asked for help... but hey if it saves someone else from a bite then it was worth the embarrassment. If my leg didn't hurt so bad I would be kicking myself, I really DO know better!!! And silly me in the back of my mind I am so grateful that it was not DILLON that got me because he is my favorite and that would have broke my heart!

Even on the injured list I helped with the trailer...
This weekend is the big push to get the trailer rolling again as we are supposed to leave Thursday morning for Mormon Lake...

I haven't posted any pictures of the small cleanup work as it wouldn't show much, but we have been grinding and sanding and painting all week... and now we are ready to start fitting and installing the new walls.

right rear section, inside and out

left rear section, inside and out

inside and outside of the bottom left front section

inside (Randy tapping into place) and outside of the top left front section

I feel a lot better now... but we still have the right front section including a door to build, and the dividing wall INSIDE the trailer, before we can put the floor back in.


Tish said...

Oh! my..... been there done that, except mine was a standard jack & my thigh was the target. I discovered colors I didn't know existed & it took forever to heal. Don't you just love it, when you do something like that, when you know you shouldn't.......!!!! And of course there are probably plenty of people around to also tell you, stupid, stupid, stupid...!! At least he left the skin intact.... (G)

Shirley said...

Oh that looks painful! I don't know much about jack donkeys, but I do know stallions, and anything that even resembles thinking about biting is "nipped" in the bud; I let him think he's going to die if he even thinks about biting.

Mikey said...

Good heavens!!! That's a heck of a bite!! Dang girl!!
Love how the trailer is looking. Y'all have been busy!! Can't wait to see it when it's all done :)

PaintedPromise said...

well like i said Shirley, it was my fault and i knew better... trying to get between two fighting jacks alone was downright STUPID! as was trying to fix the pen on my own without tying them up... ordinarily they are both the sweetest things and i have never had an issue... it's only when they get together that there is a problem. he DID get reprimanded though!!!