Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hay Meadow Trip

Spent the weekend at Hay Meadow (Blue Ridge) near the Mogollon Rim, what a lovely area! We left EARLY Friday morning so we'd have a nice long weekend, and the truck did well hauling 3 horses and a barrel of water. We got a nice long rain shower Friday afternoon but it waited until we got back from our ride. Great food and great company, lots of laughs around the campfire, gorgeous riding trails, only one accident which wasn't bad - a gal rode her horse into the cow tank and he SANK into mud pretty deep, in lunging trying to get out he hit her in the face with his neck, but lots of bruises and two jammed thumbs are the worst she got. And wouldn't you know it, rolling up the canopy on the trailer to leave Sunday, it ripped totally off - well it was almost 10 years old so I guess it is time for a new one...

My camp

The view from the top of Blue Ridge

A Jasmine earcam...

Lots of doggie play time - here with Neo. There were probably as many dogs as horses on this trip!

Cisco telling Rose's dogs to come out of the truck and play

Sherman and Rocket got to be trail dogs for a short ride both Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Our new friend Evelyn, on Aries - this horse stands 18.1!

Aries again, I was fascinated by this big boy. Took this picture of him next to Teri's 14 hand horse for comparison...

The End :)

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