Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing With Obstacles

My friend Melanie moved recently, and last night had a housewarming and horsey obstacle fun party... I took Jasmine and Sherman, intending to play with obstacles after dinner, but the pot luck contributions were so awesome, I ate too much... and it was so HOT...

So I talked my friend Jenn into taking Jasmine around the obstacles so I could take pictures... turned out to be a good thing, Jasmine was kinda scared of most of the stuff, but if I took hold of her lead rope and went first, she pretty much followed me through everything!

Jasmine did this too...

...and this! But I was leading her so too close for pictures.

FINALLY got her to touch the soccer ball with her nose...

... but no amount of kicking would get her close enough to kick the ball!

The funniest part you will have to imagine... there was a LONG white tube, about 4 inches in diameter, with a string tied to one end. Other horses were pulling it and Jasmine thought it was some kind of monster... so when it wasn't being used, Jenn and I headed in that direction... got her to walk over it a few times, and to stand - albeit wide-eyed and ready to bolt! - while I moved it around. Then Jenn took hold of the string and actually got Jasmine to pull it! Meanwhile Sherman was just SURE that since this thing was moving, there must be a critter inside it, and he was bound and determined to get it out... so his nose and most of his head were inside one end of the tube, then the other... of course by this time it was too dark for pictures :( But when the dogs chase bunnies, lizards etc. at home, the critters hide in similar tubes in our yard, so Sherman was not about to give up... it was hilarious!

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