Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mormon Lake - Gymkhana!

The elk were out again this morning but I forgot to grab the camera... then it was breakfast and get ready for the gymkhana... this is always our favorite part of this particular ride!

Lindsey took some shots of me... and I have to say WAHOO I got my confidence back... I try not to show it but since Katie fell a couple years ago at a walk, a full-out run has caused shaky stomack and weak knees and pounding heart... and getting bucked off Luna last summer on this ride didn't help any. Today I pushed Katie through the patterns and let her GO HOME as fast as she wanted with NONE OF THAT!!! The classes I have been taking with Barb have helped so much, and the endurance rides and training...

No particular order on these pictures, just how blogger loaded them... they are portions of 3 separate events.

Luna learned about patience as well as the gymkhana patterns...

Clancy and Cheyenne jumping... love these action shots!!

I did get one still shot of Lindsey and Luna

But mostly I took videos of the girls, so here they are if you have any interest... I would love it if you would at least take the time to check out Linz and Luna doing Barrels... considering this is only Luna's second time in the arena, and the first time was this gymkhana last year... I am thrilled with her first two turns! She went wide on the 3rd barrel because she was trying to run right and go home, and Linz was urging her left toward the barrel... but all in all, I think she is doing fantastic!!! I just may have to get back into the gymkhana game with this mare! I'll be interested to hear from Mikey and from CarrollFarm on this... so here we go:

Linz on Thorn - Extreme Trail

Hilary on Destiny - Extreme Trail

Linz on Luna - Extreme Trail (can't believe she blew this jump after jumping so well last year {sigh})

Linz on Thorn - Barrels

Hilary on Destiy - Barrels

Linz in Luna - Barrels

The club threw in a "new" pattern, 3 barrels and 3 poles placed randomly, each rider can choose to do them in ANY order they wish so long as each item is circled ONE TIME... it was very interesting to watch the different choices and the difference it made in times...
Linz on Thorn - Your Choice

Hilary on Destiny - Your Choice

Linz on Luna - Your Choice (oops at the end, thought the camera turned off and it didn't sorry)

Linz on Thorn - Washington Poles (unfortunately NOT Thorn's favorite, quite often he knocks down at least ONE pole...)

Hilary on Destiny - Washington Poles

Linz on Luna - Washington Poles

What a fun day :)

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