Monday, July 5, 2010

Trailer Progress

Last night Randy painted the framework for the tack room wall...

...while I painted the floorboards for the living quarters and the tack room.

Added two more cross supports near the axles...

This morning got the boards installed in the living quarters...

And I got the new flooring installed. The whole area took me abouyt 15 minutes, except for the very last piece on the left which had to be cut to fit... this is the stuff we want to use in the house, thought we would try it in the trailer first and see how it installed and how it holds up... so far I am LOVING it!!!

Then I was off, with Lindsey in tow, to drop Hilary at work... get fuel and lunch... pick up my hens and some other stuff from a friend of mine out in Florence Junction who is moving to Florida... pick up a puppy for my friend Melanie, from our friend Toni in Queen Valley... swing by and pick up Lindsey's truck so she could get home and get to work on time, while I stopped for a drink and snack so I could get change... picked up new fly masks from Sandy's house... then to Lindsey's to offload some of the stuff I bought so there was room for Luna in the little trailer, stopping my Melanie's on the way home to drop the pup and pick up Melanie whose vehicle was left at our house on Thursday night for hopeful repairs (unfortunately it was not an easy fix so she had to take it home still broken)... and 8 hours later, back to working on the trailer!!!

In the meantime Randy finished welding the floor supports and got the big section of the tack room wall up:

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