Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cupcake Update

Our sweet little girl is holding her own!!! She ate for a good 20 minutes yesterday morning for me, again for Hilary during the day, Mary fed her a couple of bottles in between, then she nursed 40 minutes last night and almost an hour this morning... I took some pictures of Abigail in the squeeze chute:

CRANKY mama!

At this point I am fast losing hope that Abigail will come around, she is getting worse instead of better darn it. I feel bad for Mary as she depends on Abigail to listen to her troubles and will really miss her, but she broke down last night and told me she can't handle this situation, her blood pressure and pulse are up, she isn't sleeping... so at her request I am bringing both girls to my house. That will give me time to spend making sure Cupcake is fed more often rather than the extra half hour driving time each time I have to go to Mary's to do it... and with Hilary home a lot during the day, she can do it more often too if they are here.

Meanwhile the rest of my life is falling apart! Well not really, it just feels like I don't HAVE a rest of my life right now... but Peter Pan is going on his first nursing home visit this afternoon so I will hopefully have some cute pictures for you tomorrow!

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Shirley said...

It will be a lot easier on you to have her there. Maybe at your place things will change, mentally, for mama.