Saturday, July 3, 2010

Turbo and Hemi are home...

Talk about your Chinese fire drill... I thought 4pm would be plenty early to leave to get to Tina's to get my hens then to David's for the zebu between 7-7:30... boy did I underestimate! Traffic wasn't to blame either, it was definitely me... even if we hadn't stopped for a bite to eat we wouldn't have made it on time, and as it was I had to call Tina and postpone, and we barely made it to David's before dark... and then we had to catch the little suckers... David HAD managed to get our 2 and the one he had in mind for Jean in a separate little pen, but even so, dang if we had an extra person with a camera we could WIN the funniest home videos... a 100 pound tiny zebu calf put Randy on the ground and trampled him! He is sore this morning and we can laugh about it but I was pretty scared when he hit the ground, his bad back does NOT need that... not to mention he is seriously allergic to alfalfa and was rolling around in the hay... thank God I carry Benadryl for him, caught it quick and he is ok this morning except a little sore (so no trailer work this morning but I am NOT saying a word!!!) Poor guy... his comment every time we talk about it is, "but I didn't let go of the rope!" and he didn't, in fact he was the key to catching all 3 of the little bulls. I'm thinking he should have a "Cowboy Up" T-shirt!!

Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures so I don't have any of the rodeo, or of Jean's calf...

Got home about 11 last night and got the boys in a pen and went to bed. Went out this morning to feed with all the dogs following as usual, stuck my head around the hay barn to make sure the bulls were still in their pen... well they were for about 2 seconds, until a pack of wild vicious chihuahuas charged them barking, they went through the fence like it wasn't even there before the dogs even got 30 feet from them, and through the arena fence as well, whereupon they were chased by 3 horses and a pony which surprised and scared the heck out of me, it was now a GOOD thing that they could go through the fence like nothing... poor little guys! One did get trampled and ran to me so I grabbed him with one hand, waving the horses off with the other hand... the other bull bolted toward the front yard... amazingly, as bad as some of my dogs chase Randy's ram from time to time, they left the zebu be... called Hilary and she came running to shoo the horses away and shut the gate, and helped me get the bigger little guy into the garden (6-rail and wire fence so they can't go through that) and we went looking for the little one, he is nowhere to be found and I am panicking, thinking OMG if he jumped the perimeter fence we will NEVER catch him and how the hell am I going to tell David... we went so far as to go out the front gate and were searching the dust for cowprints when we heard a noise near the house, and discovered the little guy UNDER THE FRONT PORCH. Of course as we approached he took off and long story short it took us almost an hour but we did finally get him, so now both boys are safe in the "donkey garden". All this on my sore leg... not to mention all the other aches and pains from donkey wrestling yesterday morning and then calf wrestling last night! I feel like I have been run over by TWO trucks!

I never thought to ask, but I am guessing now that David does NOT have dogs... and I had already planned to introduce them one at a time like I did with the goat kids... best laid plans of mice and men {sigh}

So, I am going to let them calm down some but here are a few pictures of them safe in the donkey garden...

Curled up together in the corner behind the foaling pen - leave it to cows to bed down in a pile of horse poop!

"little" Turbo

and Hemi

My taking picures made them get up, here is Hemi peeking out from the other side of the foaling pen

and Turbo exploring the garden

but he came looking for his pal

and Hemi was glad to see him!

These are the pictures we took when we first went to see them...

Turbo - I like that name and he should end up looking like his papa so he gets to be a "junior" ::)

and Hemi - he has a star which papa does not so he doesn't get to be a junior...

and this is "big" Turbo, their sire

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