Thursday, July 15, 2010

Better Late Than Never... Chickens!

I just realized that I missed posting about the chickens! A few weeks ago, not long after I brought Levin and Stetson home, I picked up a couple of hens and their coop, along with everything else "they" own, from an ad on Craigslist. Their military family is being transferred to South Carolina and of course the logistics of moving a couple of chickens across the whole country is just not computing... The little girl was sad and when she asked me, of course I promised to keep the names she had given them...

Meet Daisy and Sunshine!

The coop and small run

The inside of the coop...

8 nesting boxes and they have to share!

Our first eggs! And yup, YUM YUM!

A gal I know through AzBCR is moving to Florida and she had a few hens too... so I picked them up last Friday. I haven't even had time to take pictures of them yet, and today we lost one to heat stroke :( Sure makes me worry about my little man Peter Pan, but so far he seems to be handling the heat just fine. Of course I keep him in full shade during the day, and let him out at night to exercise... and I have seen him drinking water several times already, so even if he is not hungry for mama's milk, he knows how to keep hydrated!


Debby said...

I want chickens. Just two. Tim won't let me have them. Since it is something that, for some reason, he feels pretty strongly about, I just continue to buy my eggs.

PaintedPromise said...

Deb if you were close enough, i would gladly let you keep a couple hens in with mine! right now though it is so hot we aren't getting ANY eggs even with 5 hens... {sigh} i just hope we don't lose any more - talked to a friend last night who has lost 4 in this past week!