Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mikey to the Rescue of the Rescue!

A HUGE thanks to MIkey (and Wade and Mercy) for stopping by - FOR TWO HOURS lol - to fix up our poor rescue donkey's nasty feet...

Tying the donkey to the fence so she stands still... (the hair all over Mikey's sweater is from Bijou, my daughter's rescue pony... he is foundered pretty bad and Mikey took GOOD care of him too - but that's a whole 'nother story!) Mikey kept calling her "honey" and "darlin'" and suddenly she quite clearly let us know that her name is CLAIRE!!!!

Since tying her head to the fence didn't keep her still, Wade is safely lashing her to the fence with cinches.

Miss Claire STILL not behaving... [sigh}

Well no wonder she wasn't happy about having her hind feet looked at - look what Mikey pulled out of one foot!!! It was going STRAIGHT up in there, poor girl!

Getting the donkey safely anchored.

The farrier's helper - Mercy!

First step with the hind legs is using a rope to pick them up, with the human at a safe distance!

Finally Claire is realizing that no one is trying to hurt her - notice that the cinches and ropes are on the ground now!

Mikey finds the sweet spot (actually MOST donkeys have this sweet spot lol)

A closer view and if you know what you are looking for you can see that bottom lip drooping... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Mikey showing me how Claire will put her front foot on the stand nicely now.

All done and, with a little encouragement from behind, heading back to her pen.

New front feet!

New hind feet!

Mikey looked at her eyes too and suggested clogged tear ducts so I called the vet and he told me what to try for that to see if it helps... and if not he will need to come out soon anyway so we will see what's what if the first remedy doesn't help.


Shirley said...

Mikey and Wade are awesome. They sure did a good job- and I was surprised that Mercy wasn't wearing a dress! What is the future for this donkey, are you trying to find an adoptive home for her?

small farm girl said...

Now that is a good farrier! lol

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I'm glad you got her all fixed up with the help of Mikey and her crew!!! You guys really are all a blessing to these animals!

ps~ I'm glad you got the whole he said/she said mess straightened out!! Don't be to hard on yourself about it, it's only natural to feel hurt and offended to think someone is saying something not nice about you :)