Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guilty Conscience?

Can I vent? There is something REALLY bothering me...

Tonight during bible study I got a text from Fawn, my friend who referred Claire here (remember the new rescue donkey, Mikey found a nail in her hoof...)

It seems that the person her friend rescued this donkey from was told that she lost her job and had to re-home the donkey... and the guy asked where did she go. Turns out he knows my name and my ranch name and apparently told Fawn's friend that he was unhappy that the donkey went to me!

Fawn told me his name and what animals he has at his place and I KNOW HIM! Not well, not personally, but we see each other posting on-line a lot.

So I am thinking that the reason he is telling her that she should not have given me the donkey is that he knows that I know him, and now I know WHO let this sweet donkey get in this poor condition... PLUS Fawn had told me that her friend said his other horses weren't getting enough to eat or having their feet done either... Fawn did assure me that she already told her friend that she knows me well enough to feel confident that the donkey IS safe with me and that I WILL fix her up and find her a good home. {Thanks Fawn!} But boy am I upset!!!

I did send him a private message and asked him what was up, why he would bad-mouth me to someone who doesn't know me when he has never been to my place and never seen my animals in person... and I did NOT let on that I was told that HE is who had this donkey, or that his other animals were in bad shape... so far no response but he's not on-line every day so I'll be waiting impatiently to get an answer... and yes in the meantime I AM going to post this poor donkey on my forum ;)

***EDITED TO SAY please be sure to read the next post, entitled Drama Drama Drama!!!! to get the "whole" story... lesson learned - things are not always what they "seem"!!

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