Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Website!!!

A few years ago a virus got my frontpage program and although I repurchased and reinstalled it, I get no log-in screen so I can no longer access my www.paintedpromise.com website to update it. I have tried several times to get website gurus to help me and one by one they have flaked out without accomplishing anything :(

So I have given up and I am going to ditch it, much as I hate to, and start over. But in the meantime one of those "gurus" DID hook me up with www.godaddy.com and I went ahead and purchased a second domain name, the one I wanted in the first place that the "guru" at that time said was too long... so once I get everything done I will have TWO websites, the old one will be the "rescue" website and the new one will be for my mini donkeys...

So, it's a simple template website with a limit of 5 pages which means I don't have a lot of options, and it's not done yet, but check it out!


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