Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drama Drama Drama!!!

OK so yesterday's post - totally out of whack! Today I talked to the guy, turns out the "rescuer" has had this donkey since NOVEMBER... and he sent me his last picture of Claire and she looked just fine back then... and confirmed with another person I know that knows him, she has been there very recently and his horses do NOT look like Claire... and to top it all off he was shocked at what I said I was told he said and swears he never said it...

So now WHO has the guilty conscience???

Didja follow all that?????????

GEEZ! I'm thinking I will just concentrate on rehabbing the donkey and not get into this any more. It's a damn shame that people can't just be honest {shaking head here}. And yes I have learned not to jump to conclusions {hanging head} as I was wrong to go off based on what someone said that I don't even know...

In fact I am going to go back and edit that post to make sure people read this one too.

But bottom line is, I am extremely grateful that the donkey made it to me before she was in the shape Melody was in... THIS ONE we can save!!! :)


Shirley said...

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing what you are told without checking facts. I'm glad you followed through.

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small farm girl said...

I'm glad things were worked out. Kind of. hehehehe. That's how so many things can go wrong.