Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And We've Got MORE Chocolate!!!

Betty Jean had her foal today after I left for work, sometime BEFORE Hilary got her butt out of bed... when she discovered the extra donkey, he was already almost dry and nursing. Yup it's another boy and chocolate with a DARK belly - AND a star!!! She locked him up with his mama so they could bond without interference from the rest of the babies, got some betadine on his umbilical cord and took some pictures for me before she had to go to work:

A hug from mama

Of course I had a boss in today and lots of signings so I couldn't take off early, but it's staying light later now so I got some more pictures when I got home:

And some really cute shots of the rest of the herd trying to introduce themselves:

Charles following the little guy:

Big sister Mary Ellen even got to touch noses before mama chased her off!

Here are my two November 2nd foals wondering why the newbie is getting all the attention... Charles on the left, Sarah Beth on the right

All 3 older foals - Charles, Sarah Beth, and Benjamin with his mama Mary Ellen behind him.
It's going to be real fun around here for a while :) and we just might have one more coming before the spring season is over!


Shirley said...

Oh! Cuteness overload! Totally off the scale!

Mrs Mom said...

That was so fricken cute I have to go take some of Dear Husband's diabetic meds now ;)

beautiful beautiful babies! Thanks so much for putting so many pix up of "the kids".

phaedra96 said...

Awww, what a CUTE baby!! So glad you have Miss Claire and took care of her feet for her. She must feel so much better now.

small farm girl said...

Too cute!!!Too cute!!!1