Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awesome, Awesome Jasmine :)

I am flying, my friends. Be forewarned that this post will be like Mikey's, TONS of pictures ;)

Today, Hilary and I FINALLY had a few hours that we were both home at the same time in the daylight... I tried real hard to be wise and follow my friend's advice, and put one of the girls on Jasmine first... After all, better safe than sorry right? Jean said she had a habit of crowhopping when she hadn't been ridden in a while, and she hadn't been ridden in a while... And I do NOT need to be going to the emergency room... Well as you will see all the concern was for naught, Jasmine was PERFECT and I couldn't be happier {jumping for joy here}

Off to the round pen we go...

Sherman thinks he needs to help Hilary work Jasmine!

Save me mom, Hilary is a slave driver!!!

Hilary drops the carrot stick and allows Jasmine to stop working.

And join-up!

Good girl!!!

See the lead over her neck and both of Hil's hands holding the carrot stick before her?

Hilary stops, Jasmine stops

"I will follow you anywhere, just don't make me run any more!"

OK let's go see about saddling up!

Isn't she gorgeous in her new purple halter?

Hilary is calling her "beluga"! I think she's got a NICE rear though...

Saddle pad, no problem.

Saddling up

The young'uns always sticking their noses into everything...

Hilary had to get after her a bit to get her going, I think she was still huffing and puffing from the first round pen session lol.

QUICK join-up this time! I can just hear her saying "Please Hilary, let me stop working!"

First whoa!

From across the round pen I hear "well mom, she's got neck-rein!!!"

I could have watched Hilary ride her for hours but she had homework to do...

Back to the trailer to switch to MY saddle - I knew that Jasmine was larger than Katie but I had to drop my cinch strap TWO NOTCHES - and the rear cinch was on the loosest hole on BOTH sides!

Jasmine walked right up to the mounting block without blinking an eye so I hopped right on the same way :)

And off we go...

Trying to get around Luna and get in a good position for pictures...

Got my horse... got my dog...

Even with the interference she was perfect :)

Talk about devotion... sometimes I wish my husband loved me like this dog does!

Our plan was for Hilary to ride Jasmine across the street while I rode Katie... but Jasmine was doing so well, Hilary said she wanted to ride her own horse (the nerve of the kid!) So off we went for a little adventure across the street...
Saying goodbye at the gate... Luna really wanted to come too!

My first ever Jasmine earcam :)

Across Patton road, around bushes, across ditches, Jasmine just took it all in stride!
We even had to torn around and wait for these two!
Hilary had mentioned to me that a couple of my friends who live down the street had driven by right before we started, so since everything was going so well we decided to ride by and see if they were still out and show off Jasmine...

Turns out Laurie got a new horse today too so we had a double celebration and decided to go for a little ride... Hilary went on home to get busy on her papers, poor thing. Me, I went for a ride :) Actually it was a good experience to see how Jasmine did when Hilary took Destiny home... she was a little antsy at first but once Destiny was out of sight, she was fine with Katie, DD and Cheyenne...
Laurie on Katie and her new horse Cheyenne being ponied.

Jasmine can be a good trail horse... her nose is right in line with DD's butt!
We ended riding to someone else's house that my friends know, and they started yacking, and I got tired of saying "I have to get back" so finally I said "I gotta go" and off Jasmine and I went - all alone - and she was, yup, PERFECT!

Riding into the sunset... on my new horse :) Yup she's a keeper!!!


Mikey said...

She is a really good looking mare! I'm so glad she's going to be a great trail horse. Your daughters are so dang beautiful too, I hope Mercy grows up just like them. How long before I can ask her to do that for me? :)
Great post, you look very very happy!!

PaintedPromise said...

Mikey you have a jump on me, Mercy has been on and around horses since before she could walk... my girls were 14, 8 and 6 when they got started. so i would say you can ask her to do anything for you NOW! ;)

thanks for the compliments, i am stil flying this morning {huge grin}

small farm girl said...

Such a pretty horse! She seems to be very good too. Nothing like a good trail horse. I'm hoping to find one myself. lol

Shirley said...

Nice mare, and what a lovely day you had with her.