Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jasmine's First Class

Last night I got to take BOTH my gaited girls to class. Randy said he would TRY to ride so he had Katie and I took Jasmine - I really wanted a couple of my friends to see her that hadn't yet, and they are in class with me. Of course of all nights, one missed due to needing an early bedtime, and the other was sick!

Randy did really well considering he hasn't even been ON a horse for several years, since his back got so bad. It was actually his legs that gave out and had him dismounting before the end of class... but I remember MY first class, there are a lot of leg cues and boy does it make you tired!

In fact last night I felt like it was my first class again, because Jasmine is so much ROUNDER than Katie, my legs were aching as well!

Once we got the girls over their little tizzy - you know: "I can't be more than 6 inches from my buddy or I will DIE!!!!!" they both did really well. In fact Barb the instructor invited Randy back and he is going to try the next session with me :)

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