Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Rescue Donkey...

I got a call from an old friend, her neighbor just lost her job and can't afford to take care of her new donkey. She just rescued the poor jennet from another neighbor, there's an eye issue and the hooves are in awful shape, she hasn't even had a chance to let the donkey settle in and get comfortable so she can start taking care of problems. I am still hearing this so much these days... it's an awful shame. But at least THIS owner did the right thing and tried to find a new place for the animal instead of waiting until she was in such bad shape she couldn't be saved, and then dumping her, like Melody!

The donkey was delivered by my friend right in the middle of our panel bracket project so I didn't get to spend much time with her, but she seems sweet and easy to approach as described. And she does not like her feet messed with, also as described. Mikey has promised to take a look on Thursday, bless her heart! But her reaction to attempts to get hold of her feet is not surprising to me, and not NEAR as bad as some I have seen, so I think between the two of us Mikey and I can handle fixing her up :)

With permission, here are the pictures my friend took yesterday to send to me:

Here she is with her friend Abraham - she is the small one.

Here are the eyes, see the upper lid, the inside is swollen and protruding:

I don't know which is worse... the hind feet:

or the front feet:

But without even a halter she stood for having her teeth photographed, so she's nice and tame!

As always, I will keep you posted!

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