Sunday, March 14, 2010

AzBCR Fundraiser III

What a fantastic weekend once again... this time it was the annual fundraiser ride for I took off work Friday and went out early to get a good spot and set up camp, and save space for my friends. I'm glad I did, rigs were rolling in all day long...

Camp from the hill

And I had plenty of entertainment, since Hilary "forgot" she was supposed to feed for me and be home this weekend, and promised to feed for her dad... with Randy at a reenactment down south, there was no one home to let the inside dogs out to potty, and I ended up taking TEN dogs camping with me... yes I said TEN! Sherman and Rocket are my "regular" camping buddies so I couldn't hurt their feelings by leaving them home... Darci, Vada, Ty and Justin couldn't be left in the house all weekend without potty breaks... AND we stil have "Angel" and "AJ", Vada's two blonde puppies... AND to top it all off, Riley and Esmerelda! Well, my thinking was hopefully someone would fall in love with a blondie and buy him/her or maybe even both!

I did arrange with Hilary to handle morning feedings, and I took evenings, since she works the afternoon shift till 7:30 anyway and would have to come all the way home and then go BACK to her dad's (10 minutes from work), that just didn't make sense. So it made for a busy, busy weekend...

Frankie and Carol arrived and set up and Carol promptly fell in love with AJ... but when she handed him to Frankie, he did a "happy piddle" :( which did not go over that well... she kept coming back though and also kept saying how much she liked "that brown one" (Justin) so I told her his story, and said I wouldn't mind finding him a home either, after all we DID sell him last year, but he came back when the ancient one couldn't handle a puppy...

Saturday we rode from camp through the desert to Lake Pleasant, fantastic ride! I took both Sherman and Rocket with me and left the "little ones" safely in the trailer.

Getting ready to go

My friend Jenn says she caught me "multi-tasking" - heading downhill, with TWO dogs, and taking pictures

A rear view of us heading toward the lake.

A Sherman earcam of the green desert

A Katie earcam of the lake - well, kinda, it seems she turned her head before I could get the picture taken {sigh}

Lunch at the lake - Sherman and Rocket tried real hard to share several lunches!

One gal got bareback and took her horse for a swim

Corey on Crash... what a nice young man! We've started calling him The Heartbreak Kid... I'm so glad I don't have girls HIS age!

After the ride we sat around a bit...
One of the highlights of my weekend was visiting with my darlin' grand-donkey, Madeline!

And then we had dinner and the raffle prizes... and I won the one thing I REALLY wanted!

It's a hand-painted leather pillow... isn't it gorgeous!?!

Frankie and Carol had plans for a gymkhana Sunday so left after dinner... and Carol took Justin home! I am hoping that will work out, he is a sweet boy and since I am responsible for him being born he will have a home here no matter what, but a {GOOD} home somewhere else would be better! Had people interested in Angel and AJ too but no one committed darn it. Guess we will be running another ad in the paper... Sydney still has one (male) Yorkie pup left as well.

Sunday I woke up feeling drained from allergies... and somehow heard myself volunteering to watch a couple of little kids so their dad could go riding. Well they were in the pen with the puppies, so no trouble right? Except before he even got in the saddle, the little girl was already saying "Where's my daddy?" So we took carrots and went visiting, first my grand-donkey Madeline and her mule brothers Gus and Earl, then a host of others... managed to keep the kids busy until dad got back and now I know why God has seen fit to make sure that {at least so far} all MY grandchildren have FOUR LEGS AND A TAIL!

Kaylin and Jordan - all day it was "I want in" and "I want out" - the pups were a big draw but unfortunately the attention span was kinda short! And that's Taylor, Mel's granddaughter, who fell in love with Angel... again unfortunately, parents said "no puppy" darn it!

Joe's kids wore my pups out... I LOVE how Ty is using Darci as a pillow!

All in all it was a great weekend though!!


small farm girl said...

I'm suprised no one has snatched those puppies up yet. They are so cute! I'm glad you had a good weekend ride.

Mikey said...

Nice pillow!! And I recognize that Corey kid :) What a great ride!!