Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Got Fired!!!!!

Did that scare you? Well ok I am fudging a little bit... I didn't exactly get "fired".... and it wasn't from my "real" job.

About 3 months ago I started working part-time on Fridays for a gal down the hall who is a private fiduciary, doing filing and other office-type chores to help them catch up and keep up. The extra money was kinda nice but I did miss my Fridays off... F-RIDE-days!!!!

I can't work this Friday so I went in on my lunch hour on Monday and Wednesday to keep up with the filing, and Wednesday they told me that they wouldn't be needing me any more. They have hired a 3rd office person, who will assist both the office manager AND the caseworker.

No worries though... it really wasn't THAT much extra money, and even though it was only part time from 10-3, what with getting ready and driving into town and then always running an errand or two on the way home, it still took up pretty much my WHOLE Friday and I wasn't getting anything else done...

Now I can get busy on some serious ranch chores like finishing the west fence line, starting the south fence line... and FIDDLENECK REMOVAL!!! And, of course, RIDING!!!!!!!!!!!


mrscravitz said...

YEAH! Sometimes the hassle of a part time job, is not worth giving up a RIDE TIME! I am glad it worked out for you though.

Rising Rainbow said...

Guess it worked out for the best, although from the sounds of your to do list, that'd make me want to go back to work. LOL