Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ranch Help!!!

I got a call from a nice young man a few days ago, he and his wife want to hang out on a ranch and help out, and they found me on the internet... Rose actually came on Thursday morning and helped with the mini visit at Sierra Winds, and then this afternoon both John and Rose came out to the ranch. First they got a tour and met all the critters, and then we got to work. John was great, digging a hole to set the corner post out front so we can finish the west side fence project. The tractor is still out of whack and neither Randy nor I are up to digging that big of a hole! While John and Randy were handling the hole, Rose and I removed the last of the old barb-wire fence and pulled the posts that were out of line, getting ready to move the perimeter fence to the correct fence line. Rose actually ASKED to clean stalls which will make Hilary no end of happy since that is her job, and John was happy to work alongside her. To explain THAT, they have been marred about 5-6 weeks lol.

Then we got Jasmine out and gave her a good grooming. You'll meet Jasmine soon, I need to get pictures, so I won't say any more now. Except that Rose was in heaven, hanging with the equines!

And the nice part for us is, they want to come back and do more work! In fact John got so excited about digging up the old wooden fence posts in their HUGE concrete chunks, he was exclaiming to Rose that he would "get" to break the concrete up with a sledgehammer! All I can say is, thank God that I don't have to do it!!!

And on top of all that, Randy's dad showed up this afternoon and got the tractor running again. So maybe, just maybe, it will still be running next time I actually stay home on a weekend and I can move some dirt! We need to build up Dillon's pen as it's a swamp every time it rains... and we need to get busy on post-holes for the pipe fence that is going up inside our perimeter fence line on the west side in the horse pasture to keep the wire from being destroyed again!


small farm girl said...

They wouldn't want to take a trip to Ky would they? I've got 50 thousand miles of fence that needs redone. lol

PaintedPromise said...

50 thousand miles? and you call yourself SMALL farm girl?????