Friday, March 20, 2009

A Sad Night

I don't normally post twice in one day but today I need to.

Well we are down to two pups :(

I came home tonight to find girl #2 cold and still (the black and white one). Darci had been acting strange yesterday and kept me up since 2 this morning, but everything seemed fine and we couldn't figure out what she wanted. I guess there must have been wrong and she could sense it. Although the gal i got her from said that is what Darci looked like when she was born, to me she looked so much like Sherman and the rest of his brothers and sisters, I am still wondering if perhaps she was Zeus' pup and so was born a week early... she gained the same weight as her brother the first day but the second day she hardly gained anything and he gained another 1/4 ounce...she was my favorite. Guess I don't have to figure out how to talk Randy into letting me keep her now... the other two seem fine and have gained again as they have the past few days.


Mikey said...

Aww girl, I'm so sorry. That's so tough. Sometimes it just happens. Still isn't easy. Prayers are with you.

Sorry to hear about your APS troubles too, that is crazy. But hey, at least the dogs are doing their job, they're keeping strange people out. Once they know you, they're fine.

Debby said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Puppies are so adorable. It must have been a big shock to come home to.

Alex said...

whhhaaa. so sorry, what a sad thing.