Saturday, March 7, 2009

Further Proof of Insanity

Ran some errands today, one of which was a stop at our friend Jean's place to take pictures of her puppies to post for her since she doesn't have a digital camera... and to pick up a scooter she bought so Randy can do some minor repairs, and take a look at the non-working hot water heater on the LQ trailer she just got... this whole thing with Darci has us a bit unsettled and taking a hard look at Radar, he weighs less than the girls do but his bone structure is so different that he is actually bigger - taller and a wider head - even though his torso is almost scrawny so he weighs less. So we are thinking to get him neutered and try again for a littler chi stud... and what does Jean have but FIVE male chihuahua pups. The one I liked best was already spoken for but much bigger than his little, tiny, itty bitty brother... Randy asks "how much" and Jean says well, you are fixing my scooter, right? Right. And my water heater, right? Right. OK then, pick a puppy out!

We weighed him when we got him home, he weighs 1 pound 5 oz at 7 weeks old... we decided to name him Ty, which is the maker of beanie babies, since right now he isn't even as big as a beanie baby, and if all goes well he will be our future "beanie baby" maker lol...

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