Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Busy, Tired Tired

Wow what a day. Got up about daybreak and fed, cleaned stalls, got cleaned up and went up to Wickenburg for breakfast at Cowboy Cafe and a feed/hay run at Serenity Farms with Randy and my pal Mary. We took Ty along and he did great, and was very popular lol.

Came home, unloaded what I bought, started loading for the birthday party we had scheduled and Lindsey finally arrived (LATE!) and helped me get the horses and off we went. With Randy's back out, I was very glad to have her help!

Got back home and had Randy's entire family (well almost, but wow there was still a lot of people!) PLUS some friends and my mom and brother, ended up doing more pony rides for the nieces, finally got everyone fed and put away, managed to scarf some leftover barbecue that they had eaten before Lindsey and I got back, and all the company went home...

And tomorrow we ride in Sedona so gotta get up early. I am OFF TO BED!!!

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