Monday, May 31, 2010

California Here We Come

Randy and I, with one kid (Hilary), 3 horses (Katie, Jasmine and Destiny) and 5 dogs (Sherman and Rocket of course, and Darci, Vada and Ty) are headed for a week in San Diego, at Sweetwater Camppground. Last year was a blast but too short so this year I made reservations for 2 extra days... and my goal this year is to get my horse in the ocean not just to her knees, but to her belly! We plan to ride at the beach twice, and also check out the Cuyamaca area... plus of course the ride out from the campground through the city park to Jack-In-The-Box, and more rides the other direction from the campground with a view of the lake. AND enjoy the cooler weather!!! Lows in the 40s, highs in the 70s... sounds like heaven!

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