Thursday, May 13, 2010

And Some Donkey Therapy...

Thought it would be nice to get some pictures and videos for my prospective "parents" while enjoying my therapy session :) (Note you may want to turn your sound down, the wind was HORRID!)

Alvin sends his new mom a kiss

More Alvin, along with Sarah Beth and Benjamin, as well as Betty Jean, Mary Ellen and Milly Jo

And one concentrating on Benjamin

And I got a few still pictures as well:

Benjamin scratching an itch

Sarah Beth - see Benjamin hugging her?

Alvin and his mom, Betty Jean (on the left), checking out Riley the Yorkshire Terrier, who thought he needed to protect mom from the donks!

They were really keeping an eye on that FIERCE dog (he weighs less than 4 pounds!!!)

It's hard to get good pictures when they follow so closely!

I enjoyed my evening, and STILL had time to trim two donks AND feed everyone before dark!

A goodbye kiss from Alvin


Ruth said...

Just absolutely the most precious pictures!!! I appreciate so much you sharing these!!!! Give Benjamin HUGS from us!!!!!

Debby said...

You know, I DO feel better...

small farm girl said...

You can never have enough donkey therapy.

BUSH BABE said...

Cute, cute CUTE!!!
Never had a donkey but we are considering it to help break out show calves in... more animals. Just what I need!!

Have you been to see my new place yet darl? Note new address:


Jean said...

I know that feeling! I went out to sit and take pictures of my minis and before I could turn the camera on I had 5 curious noses in my lens.