Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Birds (pics added)

...are everywhere! There are nest in corners of most of the old garage doors we use for roofs. up by the house for Randy's "shop", and on the mini pens... AND there is one WAAAAAY at the top of my 18 foot tall hay barn!!! So of course tonight when I went in to get the dogs' food, there on the floor being sniffed by several dogs was a baby bird. GEEZ! Luckily I do have a LOOOOOONG ladder...

I knew it would die if I left it be. AND I knew it would die if I tried to feed it, been there done that, it was too small. SO I figured what the heck, I will put it back and see if mama will give it a chance. Gently placed the baby where the dogs could not reach and went to get my LOOOOOOONG ladder...

Now me I don't do heights well... I can GO up ok... I can BE up sorta ok... but when it comes to LEAVING up, that's when the stomach ties in knots. But I got the ladder set up after a dirt shower {fun} and then gently scooped up baby and proceeded to climb with one hand {yikes} ok it is not so easy to GO up with one hand... one step at a time, and trying to use my other elbow to hang on while switching my free hand from one rung to the next, while not jostling baby...


Well I managed it, got the baby back in the nest, and then it was time to come down. Oh geez!!! My stomach is in knots, my heart is racing AND pounding, my mouth is dry... I'd have loved to close my eyes but didn't dare!

Anyway since I am posting you can see I made it down without breaking my arms lol.

the hay barn

the location of the nest

the nest

And I am mostly packed and ready for my camping-wht-the-horses-at-Groom-Creek weekend YAHOOOOOOOO!!!


small farm girl said...

I'm just like you! I don't mind going up, it's the coming down. Don't ask me why, I just don't know. lol

Shirley said...

Mikey is an inspiration to us, isn't she? I have a problem with ladders too ever since I had one collapse on me aith the end result of breaking my wrist and needing surgery to put 3 pins in it.