Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farewell Charles!!!

Some nice folks came today to look at Charles and Benjamin in person, trying to decide which one to take home since the pictures didn't help them decide. Well it didn't surprise me at all that they decided on BOTH of the boys {grin} so Charles was delivered this afternoon and Benjamin will be following in about a month when he is weaned.

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Mike said...

Charles is doing just awesome!! We can't wait until Benjamin comes home..Charles has buddied up with our Spotted Draft Mare, he just loves to go in her pen when she's turned out and just roll and roll and roll in her "dirt", leaving his smell or taking her smell..He is the coolest thing around..He's just got his own "pizzaz" about himself!! I work from home mostly and "sneak" him in to my office every chance I get..We LOVE him!! Can't ever see not having a donkey again...THANK YOU so much Susan for choosing us!!