Friday, May 14, 2010

Well Just Maybe...

Randy called last night and said the water pump and the radiator have now been replaced on the truck (thanks Dad!) AND, Dad said the parts of the radiator he could see were 30-50% plugged (so who knows about the parts he could NOT see!) AND, the water pump was starting to go as well.

So this morning I will ride into town with Randy on his way to school and bring the truck home... then after the vet comes to finish the horses' paperwork for the San Diego trip, I will hook up the big heavy trailer and up Yarnell Hill I will go... prayers will be welcome and I will edit this posting later to let you all know how it went!


When I picked up the truck, Randy's dad (who worked all his life as a diesel mechanic and so has been a Godsend, saving us a TON of money on repairs!!) said that if this doesn't work, the next step is... A GRENADE!

Well my plans for later tonight got pushed to tomorrow (dinner and a movie with my girls, but since they both work till 7:30 we decided to do lunch and a movie tomorrow) anyway with no deadline to be home, I decided to wait for Randy to get home from school and let HIM drive the truck up the hill ;)

AND IT IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got all the way up without stopping, without having to downshift, AND WITH THE A/C ON THE WHOLE WAY... and the truck never got past the "0" in 190 which is mid-range on the temperature gauge.




Mikey said...

I'll be praying for you!! I couldn't believe you stopped 7 times on Yarnell Hill. I would have had to change my pants. That hill scares me to pieces!!!

Debby said...

Hm. Maybe you should take pictures of that there Yarnell Hill. One of you drive. One of you take pictures. And Mercy can hold the spare pants for Mikey.