Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

TEN YEARS!!!! A personal record for me anyway - NEXT year we will both have been married to each other longer than anyone else {YAY!}

Randy got me a computer program from National Geographic called TOPO Arizona, digital topographic maps. He is pretty excited about it. I am wondering a) when I will find time to learn it and b) IF I can learn it and c) if it will really help me find trails to ride... but he is so excited of course I will have to try!

And his present is that I am going away for the weekend and won't be here making him do chores ;)

PS Baby bird was nowhere to be seen on the floor of the hay barn so I am hoping it is still safe in the nest!!!


Mikey said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That's a long time!!! Congrats to both of you :)

small farm girl said...

Happy Aniversary! 10 is a big number. lol.

Debby said...

Happy Anniversary! Tim and I are coming up on number 12. Seems a little shocking to realize it.

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! I'm sorry we missed it and are this late!!! Congratulations and Happy many more to come!!!!