Monday, May 10, 2010

@#$%^&* Truck!!!

Off I went on Friday for a fun horse camping trip to Groom Creek... yeah right! It took me 90 minutes, instead of 15, to get up Yarnell Hill - had to stop SEVEN times to let the truck cool down so I didn't overheat :( AND, once more on the way up that last hill into Prescott... and AGAIN on the very last hill out of Prescott on the way to the campground... GGGRRRRRRR!!!

Well eventually I DID make it to camp. And I had a nice weekend. Just a few pictures...

A Katie earcam of snow we found along the trail up Spruce Mountain...

Katie waiting patiently at lunch

This "guy" was watching us come down the trail {see the face?}

Katie and Jasmine telling me it is dinner time!

This gal "stole" my Rocket... don't worry Joe, it's only temporary, there is NO WAY I would let her keep my boy!

I took a TON of pictures of my grand-donkey Madeline who was also on this trip with her parents and her 2 mule brothers... but you will have to pop over to her blog for those ;)

I figured no worries after that first hill OUT of Prescott on the way home... HA! @#$%^&* truck, coming down the hill out of the campground area the front brakes started acting funny. With Yarnell Hill to come DOWN, no way was I comfortable with funny brakes. Called Randy and he hooked up the Jeep to the small trailer and met me halfway home, we transferred 2 women, 3 dogs, and the 2 biggest horses to the Jeep and small trailer and, having emptied all the water barrels as well, sent Randy and Katie down the hill in the big rig with lots of prayers. Of course he says the truck didn't act funny at all for him, brakes or overheating... although the portion fo the road he drove, I didn't expect it to overheat even fully loaded...


He IS going to replace some more parts anyway just in case... after all I have TWO big hills to pull on the way to San Diego next month.

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small farm girl said...

Nothing scarier than a truck acting up while it's pulling a trailer full of horses. I'm glad you got home safely.