Saturday, October 17, 2009

Abigail's Dogs

Went back out with a small bucket of dog food this morning, for the 2 maybe 3 dogs at the property where Abigail came from. I pulled up and got out, got out the bucket of food (I took as much as I feed my 14 in one day - didn't want to do too much at once since they were starving) and started walking to the fence, calling out "hey guys, come and see what I brought you, I've got food for you" and I see this:

And this:

So the two big dogs are now inside the fence. Haven't seen the little one yet but I thought it best to spread out the food so dumped about a third, they wouldn't even come close till I backed off.

Then I see TWO MORE - BIG DOGS! 4 at once on the one pile I had made, I heard one growl... but they were too busy eating to fight.

I quickly dumped another pile a bit further over and two moved. Still hadn't seen the little one so walked over a bit more and dumped the rest. So OMG there are FIVE of them... no, SIX! Another one just skulked across behind this trailer but wouldn't come close to the food.
They did NOT lift their heads, just kept gobbling.

And I finally saw the little one come out (it's the one behind in this picture)

So I called Mikey to let her know her mom should take more food than for 2-3 dogs... and yup I am right, she and mom are going to try to get AC to come out WITH them and hatch a plan...

In the meantime before I could post this, Mikey's Mom called and said AC will meet them out there but will not come without an address... which I don't know. I called the neighbor who first called me, she said she would call me back if she could get one. And when I told her there were not 2-3 dogs, there were SIX, she said NO THERE ARE TWELVE!!!!!!!!! She also said that the sheriff and AC told the property owner they would NOT come and get the dogs. Their advice was tell the neighbors if the dogs threaten their animals, SHOOT THEM.

I left message for Mikey and her mom but haven't been able to reach them yet. Guess I'd better run another bucket of food out there...

This is where the deceased lived:

And this is just one example of the piles of garbage out there that the poor donkey was living in...

I had to take a picture of my catch pen too

This is what you get when I put on my "Randy brain" lol


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

OMG! I know the Sheriff's Dept probably doesn't want to deal with these dogs and AC is most likely overwhelmed...but to actually tell people to "just shoot them"?

Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Poor Dogs!

Boy, Abigail is lucky those dogs didn't figure out they could take her down. I know donkey's are pretty awesome at self defense, but twelve big starving dogs?

cdncowgirl said...

You and Mikey NEED to go to the media with this.

Mrs Mom said...

Wow--- fan-freaking-tastic job with Abagail (perfect name BTW)!!

BECG brought up a great point too--- one sweet donkey against TWELVE starving dogs..... Girlfriend has either got MAD ninja skills, or the dogs were not to the point yet where they saw her as a food source.... yet...

Good luck you guys. We'll be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!!

Train Wreck said...

That is one of the most awful stories I think I have heard. So Sad. I hope you are able to catch the dogs. Very sad about the older gentleman. good luck and bless you
Mikey and everyone trying to help.

Little House in the Desert said...

I am SOOOO glad M was able to get ahold of you!!! She called me CRYING and said that he had died and told me the whole awful story! She was so sad about the donkey and I told her that maybe we could take the donkey but we couldn't afford the food (which is why we had to give you "Seth" and Abner). But then I was like --oh yeah--call Susan! So I am so glad it worked out and you got Jenny--she used to come by our house all the time when we moved here a year ago and we would catch her and try and keep her and I guess Eli would come by and let her out because we'd come home and find her gone. I have to say I am SOOOOO upset about those dogs still being there. Recently they killed a ranchers calf, they harrassed my neighbors horse and goats and I have seen them running by my property in a pack. I am going to call the county about this--they have GOT to come pick them up--it's not like you can come by every day and feed TWELVE DOGS for the rest of your life!!!! Once they get hungry all of our livestock is at risk out here! Don't you think? My husband won't hesitate to shoot an animal that's trying to eat my livestock but the problem is they usually come at night when we're sleeping....they cannot be allowed to stay there. What do you think?

PaintedPromise said...

Little House, we caught one tonight! i keep thinking about your little kids... even if catching them is a death sentence for them, at least it will be quick and easy and they can't cause any more trouble out there. with the old man gone, they cannot stay there. hang in there and we will try to fix this for you and your neighbors :)

Steve said...

As far as the dogs go, I had A.C. pick up 16 of them from eli 2 years ago and they left him 3 but he was told to have them fixed and get their shots which he never did, so now their is 12 inner breed dogs running wild killing other peoples animals. And just what do you think they would do to a child if given the opportunity. I have several dogs and horses and will not permit those to be harmed by these wild dogs. I have known eli for over 25 years and he`s never been right in the head. I`m glad the donkey has found a home as she`s very pretty and friendly. Anyway ya`ll have a great day.