Friday, October 16, 2009

Mikey Beat Me To It

And the pictures in this blog are courtesy of Mikey and her camera as I forgot mine {embarrassed face here}

If you have read Mikey's blog you already know most of this, BUT in case you see mine first I will tell the story as I know it...

I got a call yesterday from a lady, her neighbor has a donkey and it comes to visit her and she loves to feed it treats... earlier this week the donkey started visiting a lot more, so she went to the neighbor's yesterday morning to get back the bucket she usually puts treats in so she could use it at her house, his door was open, she hollered at him but he didn't answer, but she had an appointment so she had to get going to town... it bothered her though so later she went back and there were sheriffs everywhere and coroner... which explains why the donkey had been coming to her house for food!

If you have a weak stomach skip this paragraph... the old man also had a couple of dogs... apparently he had died early in the week, and hence was not feeding the dogs... can you see where this is going? Yes they helped themselves to guess what - I mean, guess WHO - apparently they were eating the old man! Which is why the coroner was there so long yesterday... the only good thing about him not having any family is, there was no one to be really upset by that. The whole thing is so sad...

Anyway I had told the neighbor lady that I wasn't comfortable taking the donkey without the permission of the authorities since they were there, so she agreed to go back over and talk to them. The owner of the property had been called to identify his tenant and the authorities decided that they would leave the animals to him, they had enough to do, and he gave the neighbor lady permission to take the donkey and do whatever with it... well she would love to keep her, but has no fence at her place, and has never owned an equine before and doesn't know how to care for one, so she had me come and get her.

The poor donkey kept circling back to the trailer, looking for her old man, so sad! But she obviously liked the neighbor lady, who always feeds her treats. The property owner showed up just in time as I had no clue how we were going to catch her (she was free roaming on an acre and I was a STRANGER) - he helped me manuever a fence panel to make a corner catch pen, then the neighbor lady coaxed and we herded and got her in the corner and that was that! She was very good about letting me get the halter on, we had 2 lead ropes just in case because we had to come out the gate to get to my trailer - no way to drive on that property, it was FULL of old vehicles and trash). I had called Mikey early on because I wasn't having any luck but by the time she got there we were at the back of the trailer :) She didn't really want to get in the trailer but with 4 of us we got her in without too much trouble and once I got her home (after BACKING out a quarter mile of dirt driveway - yay me) she off-loaded like a little lady and walked nicely into a pen. She is 3 years old, very sweet and friendly, and once we have a chance to get to know her and make sure all is ok healthwise she will be looking for her forever home!

By the time I got her home it was too dark to take pictures but thanks to Mikey and HER camera...
Isn't she gorgeous?

How do you think I felt about getting her in the trailer? Yes I was HAPPY!

Unfortunately she wasn't...

Someone I know "listens" to animals, she says her name is Abigail... which thrills me to no end, as a "jenny" named "Jenny" just makes me shudder... she also said she did NOT like being in the trailer! She misses her old man but she understands he is gone and she couldn't stay there.

She is already calling to me when I come near and also greeted Hilary nicely when she got home from work. I think she's gonna be ok {big grin}


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Abigail is a very good looking donkey. Good thing people knew to call you!!

That is so sad about the old man. What a sad, sad way to pass away.

The dog thing, as Mikey explained it was disturbing. I don't know if I would have the guts she did to go in the trailer with them. Ugh!

Mikey said...

It was bad in that trailer. I wasn't going in far, tell u what. Horrible horrible thing to have happen, and so sad that he had no family to take care of him. But judging from the condition of his dogs, he didn't take such good care of them. Abigail on the other hand... she looks good! I know she's in good hands now and won't starve.
Now I just have to worry about those dogs. They need help!!

PaintedPromise said...

well BCG i walked around otuside the trailer trying to round up Abigail and that was close enough believe me! the smell is BAD, i was wondering if they found all the pieces {shudder} i can't believe she went in there! but you know Mikey and animals!! i'm gonna run out there with some food pretty quick here and take the camera... maybe i can catch them on that! i saw that gleam in Mikey's eye last night, AC better hurry or she will have those dogs first lol