Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News and More Good News :)

First and foremost here's the latest on the first caught dog.. rather than repeat, click here

Doesn't that just bring a tear of happiness?

And from our own Ruby...
not such a good picture but it shows her ribs filled out!

She is fed up, had her feet done and READY TO RUMBLE lol

such a pretty girl, hard to believe she is 26 huh?

Ruby is now ready for a feed lease home!


mrscravitz said...

I have been keeping up to date on the dog situation between yours and Mikeys blog. I have sent some money to Mikey to help out on the dog food, and/or anywhere else it needs to be put to help out.

I see you are riding barefoot in these photos. I often wondered about it. I am so afraid of getting my feet stuck in the stirrup, and wondered about riding barefoot! I think you would feel where your feet are a lot better, and it would be a lot harder to get your foot stuck in the stirrup too.

Please share with me your thoughts on this...Thanks.

Mikey said...

Ruby looks great! You'd never know she was 26. I'm so glad you got her back and got her in shape. Wish I knew of a good home for her... trying to think here... screaming 2 and 5 yr old are not

Mikey said...

PS, I'd ride barefoot if it wasn't for the dang cactus around here.. I do ride with just my toes most of the time, as I have that phobia of getting hung up.

PaintedPromise said...

mrscravitz first thank you SO MUCH for your donation! keeping them fed and catching them is our priority right now but once that is done i do NOT want Mikey stuck with all the vet bills... even with her discount! so any help we can get is much appreciated!

and second, that is my youngest daughter Hilary (18) riding Ruby... i don't think i could handle barefoot! but then i broke a foot a few years ago... and have to be careful or it aches. no more high heels for me...

as far as getting stuck in the stirrups, try using tapaderos! that is the leather cover that goes over the stirrup. my husband put them on my saddle and i have NO WORRIES :) plus they catch the cactus before it gets into my foot ;)