Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ruby's Good News!!!

I couldn't wait to share this with y'all... Mary posted this on our riding forum today:

"Do I write this here or do I just crow it from the roof top? I had my first ride on Ruby today. I went off for a ride with my neighbors. It was very nice, she didn't drag along in the back, she occasionally jogged along in her floaty arab way of going. She was very relaxed around strange horses and in a strange place. We all split up to go our seperate ways home and she just ambled back home like she lived here all her life. She is so sweet, patient and kind. I sort of felt bad riding her because she's still slender but her held up just fine. When we came home I washed her back and gave her a good alcohol back rub she seemed to like it. I couldn't help slipping her another pad of alphfa as a thank you, though under the sharp eye of the donkeys who of course demanded some too! I gave them a small piece of bermuda grass. They knew she got better stuff but greedly ate the bermuda. All in all it was very upbuilding and relaxing, I didn't feel like a hopeless flop as a rider, I can she why she is called a confidence builder. She went along over, under, around and between everything, nothing was a challenge or a suprise to her, just a very nice girl."

I am beyond happy... Mary needed a horse she felt comfortable on, and Ruby needs someone who will take GOOD care of her. Well so far, so good, it's looking like it might be a match made in heaven...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... because of our situation and my NEEDING to be able to go to work, I tried to be smart and put my daughter on Maggie first... SHE WAS PERFECT! Somebody better buy this horse quick, I do NOT need another one...

Even the idiot puppy barking at her heels didn't phase her...

This was supposed to be a lope but she dropped down into a long trot just as I snapped the camera.

Finally got a loping shot.

Blue eyes, my favorite!

Earcams on this gal will be lots of fun, with those two different-colored ears!

Tomorrow I'm gonna try her myself!

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mrscravitz said...

Oh GOSH! I Need a horse like Ruby!