Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a Bad Day :(

Randy's breathing machine has been great... I was going to move to my own room even but since he got it, NO MORE SNORING... well I think it needs adjusted or something because the MACHINE is starting to sound like it is snoring! And the gentle woosh is sometimes a LOUD WOOSH {sigh} so this morning from 3:45 to 6am I layed there wishing I could sleep! Then I got up and went out to feed and found a water leak, which I had to dig up so Randy could fix... It made me late going to pick up my friend Lisa, we were supposed to go down to Rainbow Valley and ride with another friend, well we are finally on the way and BAM a flat on the trailer... by the time we got it changed it was too late to make the ride on time so we just went back to Lisa's and rode, which WAS nice... the highlight of my day. I made a call on picking up some free pipe fencing only to find out I missed it by an hour - so I went home and took a NAP!

Tonight I am cruising my favorite websites and it hits me... I FORGOT TO CALL ANDRIA FOR HER BIRTHDAY!!! So now I feel like an absolutely horrible mother. I've been planning her call ALL WEEK and I can't believe I forgot... Tried to reach her and only got voice mail :(

At least Randy made me spaghetti for dinner... I've been craving pasta all weekend!

I should just go to bed now and make this day be OVER WITH!

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