Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tractor Seat

My friend Mikey (The Horseshoeing Housewife) has been after me to do a blog, since I enjoy hers so much... so here goes. When it rains here, which unfortunately isn't very often, I try to tractor the pasture. It's important because that's where we dump everything we take out of the horse, donkey and mule pens, so it does need to be turned over periodically. The last time it rained, the tractor's hydraulics were plugged, and there's no driving the tractor if you can't lift the bucket off the ground ~sigh~. The time before that, we had a nice morning rain, but instead of tractoring in the afternoon, we had a birthday party to do pony rides for... the kids had fun but by the next day it was too dry and dusty already for the tractor. Knowing that I was going to start this blog today, I dragged my husband and camera out with me to document this momentous event...

We hook the disc behind the tractor and attach the finger rake behind it so I only have to do this once...

I'd have liked twice as much rain so the disc dug in deeper, but at least I'm not making a dust cloud that obliterates not only the neighbor's house, but their whole yard and the street out front!
Yup that shadow is Randy with the camera... watch out minis, here comes mom on the tractor!
That's Eve the white mini mule checking my work
Shasta also thinks she needs to supervise
watch that fence now, not too close!

Another pass or two and the minis decided to head for the hills... or at least, their pen! I sat on that tractor and made circles until full dark... and my SEAT knows it!


Jen said...


Thank you for the comment :0)
Looks like you're going to have something great as well...look forward to the stories!
Mikey is a great gal and I have been enjoying getting to know her..we have a matching sense of humor lol.
So I take it you're the one with the mini's She was tryin' to get us to take ;-)

Mom said...

I am so sorry about Rosie. I wish I could have taken her-I liked her so much. I'm grateful that her last time here was with kind and gentle people and that she is running free now. Thank you for your kindness to her.
I'm glad you're doing a blog. I love to hear about the mini's and about your life.

PaintedPromise said...

You're welcome Jen and thanks to you too. I love Mikey's sense of humor and the way she writes, and you are right, you and she match! I think that's what caught my eye about your blog! f I can do half as good a job, I will be thrilled. Yes I am probably the one with the minis... but aren't you in CA? That's a bit of a drive...

And thanks Mom (I am guessing Mikey's mom?) I know you wanted Rosie, but Mikey was right to say no. The kindest thing for the old dear was to relieve her pain. I've been thinking about a blog for a while, Mikey's is so fun. I love to share the minis so I am enjoying this! I have so many ideas... but I talk too much so I have to watch it!