Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Wonderful Husband

Here’s the deal: Randy and I both learned from our previous disasters what is really important and what not to worry about. We also learned how important it is to appreciate what we have now, since we both know from before how bad it really can be… and to express that appreciation.
Now I am far from perfect, and Randy knows that, but HE LOVES ME. I know this. I hear it and I feel it every day, and I AM SO LUCKY!!!!!

Randy isn’t perfect either, but he’s very good to me, and I am amazed at what he knows… what he can do… and his honesty, integrity, loyalty, bravery and honor.

Randy is younger than me by several several years, but he is steady and dependable – he is my rock. In fact I said to him a while back, I wish I had met and married him FIRST… then I cracked up laughing, and he wanted to know, what was so funny? Between giggles I explained that the first time I got married, my little brother had just graduated from 8th grade… and Randy is a year YOUNGER than he is!

He went into the Army after high school and became an MP, and served some time in Korea. Although it wasn’t during what they would call an actual “war”, being an MP he saw a lot more action, and was in a lot more danger, than the “regular” soldiers during that time. From the stories he tells, I can only thank God that I did NOT know him then. I’m not sure I could handle the worry and the stress. My hat goes off to the families of those serving now – you and your servicemen and women are in my prayers! One thing I have learned from knowing Randy is to actively appreciate those currently serving, as well as the veterans – I make it a habit to acknowledge them whenever possible, for example thanking someone who has a “My son is a Marine” bumper sticker, or someone driving a vehicle with a “veteran” license plate, or simply forwarding the many e-mails I get supporting our troops. And I encourage you all to do the same!

Frustrating as it can be, I have to admire him for sticking to his resolution. He does not say anything negative about his ex-wife in front of his boys. Period. I wish I could say the same but, right or wrong, I tend to lean more towards honesty than silence with my girls. I’ve never been one to bite my tongue…

It cracks me up how bad Randy is with names, when he can look at a person’s face and recognize not only that he sold them a stereo 15 years ago, but can also still tell you what kind of stereo they bought… he has an almost photographic memory for STUFF, and for any field he has worked in, or any hobby he has, his head is FILLED with facts and information about it. Unfortunately, he can’t remember from one day to the next that he needs to unplug the sink, take out the trash, or fix a flat, unless I remind him. And I can’t even tell you how many times he leaves his phone at home on the counter…

And it’s still very hard for me to remind him, because “before” I was accused of (gasp) BEING A NAG. I’ve never understood why it was considered nagging to remind someone that something needed to be done when they hadn’t done it. But I’ve been well trained and so far even seven plus years with Randy hasn’t changed that. I’m getting better, however, because amazingly enough, when I remind him about things, he THANKS me instead of yelling at me and calling me a nag.

He is a great cook (and I have gained the weight to prove it). Between the sore throat and the nausea caused by the constant drainage from his severe allergies, quite often he doesn’t feel like eating even though he’s hungry – he’ll say “Nothing tastes good so it doesn’t matter what I eat”. Yet he still cooks for the rest of us and no matter how gross it really is to have to watch him eat crab legs, it still makes me happy to see him actually enjoying his food. That man is a crab-leg-eating MACHINE!

His allergies have taught him not to complain, which can actually be a problem sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice that he doesn’t whine all the time about how bad he feels, because believe me he sure is entitled to it. My allergies aren’t a tenth of what his are and when I am sick it’s easy to tell that I am NOT a happy camper. But Randy is pretty stoic and sometimes we all forget how bad it really is for him, because he doesn’t complain. He gets grouchy sometimes, but he doesn’t complain! So we try to remember that between his allergies and his bad back he has a plenty of reason to be grouchy, and that makes it easier to deal with.

He has, without a doubt, the absolute BEST smile in the world.

And a cute little butt too, for such a big guy! I love that he is so tall, because I am not little myself, and he makes me feel both secure and precious. He always holds hands when we are walking. I can honestly tell you that I would rather go to Wal-Mart with Randy than to Hawaii with my ex!

Also very important, for me, is that he recognizes and accepts my love of animals. He tries to be the voice of reason which I appreciate, but even if it’s totally stupid, if it’s important to me, he doesn’t hold me back.
Randy with our one and only (so far) homegrown mini mule, Eve:
He can do some amazing things too. But my goodness I can’t believe how long this blog has gotten so I’ll save those amazing things for another day.
Here's a preview, from his river trip:
For now, suffice it to say I am one lucky girl! I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!


Mikey said...

Wow, you two clean up good. Who knew? lol, you might add he will follow you into a church wearing a sheet on his head and carrying a pooper scooper. You just don't find those kind of men anymore :)

He sure does love you :) I think you two are beautiful together. Your post is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

Jen said...

This was a very endearing post. loved it! Gotta love those military men...they love hard back. Can't explain it but I'm sure you agree :0)

kdwhorses said...

What a great tribute to your hubby! I can agree that I am blessed with my hubby as well. We both came from previous bad marriages. He is older than I am, but I knnow he truly loves me for me period. That is such a great feeling to have. So happy that you have found your man. It is proof that they still exsist!