Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Don't get me wrong, I love rain. And God knows we need it badly. But hey, how about a little at a time, and not all at once? It took me twice as long as normal to feed this morning, slogging around in my rubber boots... and nobody out there is happy today. Despite covers, they still get wet. And the way the water runs over the land, even under the covers everything turns to mud, if not puddles, if not LAKES.

So I don't dare take the camera outside, wouldn't want to risk it getting wet. But we had a similar storm last fall and once the rain quit dropping from the sky I went out with the camera:

General yard (lake) pictures:

It didn't show up very well in the picture, but there was even a puddle in the salt lick:


Donkeys do NOT like to be wet. Here we have some very unhappy donkeys.

But as you can see their nappy hair keeps them dry underneath, so it's not as bad as they would have you believe!

Mules don't like to get wet either. Check out Annabelle's expression LOL:

Eve decided she'd like to be brown mule instead of a white one (and don't ask me how Jasmine stayed so dry, I have NO CLUE!)

Destiny also trying to change color:

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Lisascraftroom said...

Dream and Abby HATE the rain also and I'm sure they are not happy. We will be at the ranch sometime this week when its NOT raining! LOL

Hope you stay dry as possible. It was pouring out here in Congress for hours.