Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet Darci Jean

I have never been one to “foo foo” my animals. I don’t even clip my equines (unless like Holly, and Lindsey’s Austin, they are such fuzzy babies they need to be shaved because of the heat) and if they come here with a bridle path, they soon have a Mohawk as it grows out to the natural look. (Just ask Ozzie, his is now about 6 inches tall and still not flopping over yet!) And we’re trying hard to avoid getting any more “mop” dogs like Samson and Delilah, because living on the ranch is much easier for dogs with short hair. That all changed last May… when, thanks to my friend Stayce, I brought home this little girl:

Hannah says "Hey, that's MY daddy!"

Guarding the couch from Tanner:

Darci came home with a ferret collar because even the kitten collars were too big. And it had a bell on it so we could find her. Sixteen years or so of yelling at the kids to pick up their feet and suddenly we were all shuffling so we didn’t squish the little darlin’! Hilary asked me not long ago if I was ever going to take that annoying bell off the dog, and I said NO! She’ll just have to keep on jingling, so I always know where she is…

She was moving so fast she's a blur, but you can see her collar and bell :)

I never have liked PINK much, my favorite color is blue, with red a close second, and I’ll choose a lot of different colors before I will wear something PINK… but she is such a little princess that when the PINK collar she came with got too small, she got a new PINK one. She has PINK bowls to eat and drink out of:
She has a PINK harness and leash, and most of her toys are PINK too.
I couldn’t find a pink travel carrier but the one I did get is maroon with cream, sage and PINK stripes! She has a little PINK fuzzy bed and just last week, she got a little PINK fuzzy house!

She actually has a whole wardrobe, a sweater that’s red with a PINK heart on it, little PINK gingham boots, solid PINK bloomers and PINK gingham bloomers to match her boots, two pinks scarves, and although her T-shirt is blue it does have PINK trim and it says “Little Miss Popular” with rhinestones for the dot on each “i”. Her bathrobe however is white terry with yellow trim and a ducky on the back ;) and she did get a red and green Christmas dress - but it had glitter on it!
With Grandma Morgan, in her Christmas dress:
And no, none of the other dogs have anything to wear other than a few sweaters/coats of various sizes we’ve picked up over the years for the days it actually gets cold around here. Lindsey makes fun of me but look what SHE got Darci last week:

The last thing I really needed was to actually pay money for dog #10, but Randy didn’t miss a beat when I called and told him I bought a Chihuahua – he knew I’d been looking for another one for over ten years. And she was just perfect, long-haired and tri-colored and guaranteed tiny… unlike Samson, Delilah and Zacchaeus, all of whom ended up more than 3 times the size we were TOLD they were going to be… and my little princess makes me so happy, she’s worth her weight in solid gold! LindaK, one of my riding buddies from AZBCR, dubbed her “the cutest pup in the world” after she went horse camping with us at Groom Creek last summer.
Playing with Johnny at Groom Creek:

Snuggled in Hilary's bed in the trailer at Groom Creek:
She’s definitely mama’s girl, although she is always happy to see anyone in the family, they all become invisible when I get home. She loves to cuddle and when I am at the computer she will stand on her hind legs with her front paws on my calves until I pick her up. So if you ever find a typo in my blog, it’s Darci’s fault! She’s a brave little princess though – every time we are out back cleaning horse pens, and the neighbor comes out on his back porch, she puts herself between me and him and growls for all she’s worth!

Playing with her "real" brother, Beef.


Taking a break - Beef wears her out!

Playing with Tanner and Hannah:

Look at Tanner's face! He just accidentally knocked Darci off the edge of the pool into the water and I'm sure he expected to get in trouble!

Snuggling with her best buddy Hannah:


Jen said...

Oh Darci..look at you all decked in Pink. I know a certain farrier who might be jealous of your pink wealth ;-)
Cowboy makes 2 for us now. we had 1 and she is very very attached to my husband lol. we acquire horses more often than dogs but i decided to mix it up some !!

Mikey said...

Lol, awwwww!! I totally LOVE the pink house!!!
Spoiled much?? Noooooo