Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know...

Meet 3 of my best friends:I spend a LOT of time with these three. They help me turn this:
into this:
and they help me turn this:
into this:
and they help me turn this:
into this:
Moses thinks I did a good job :)

This is one horse apple... road apple... horse poop... critter litter... doo doo - whatever you want to call it...
doesn't look like much, does it? but when you figure that each PILE has 25-30 or more of these... and each HORSE makes - well, we're guessing here but the general consensus in our house is at least 8 piles a day... and there are, at present count, 28 horses, donkey and mules on the property... well, do the math - that's a LOT of poop!! I get at least one wheelbarrow each morning out of the big horse pens... and I try to get at least one most afternoons from the mini pens so I don't get behind. Otherwise I can end up spending several hours on the weekend with my 3 best friends!

In the first blog (me on the tractor) I mentioned that we dump what comes out of the horse pens into the arena... that's why I like to tractor it whenever it rains, to turn things over... anyway once the wheelbarrow is full:
it goes out to the pasture and gets dumped:
Here is proof positive that I am a goofball - when I spread the manure, I make stars!
Oh yeah, one more best friend (well, ok, a PAIR of best friends!)

I could NOT manage without these plastic clogs...


Mikey said...

You are so bizarre sometimes! A star? Okkk :)
I was gonna do a post like this, you beat me to it. Poop, it's our life!!

Jen said...

that's too funny.. I never actually THOUGHT of what i am actually doing when im in pooper scooper trooper mode lol. I wantto try a pair of them clog things...right now I wear a pair of GW's old boots lol..theyslip right on and go up to my knees!
So you did the single mom thing huh..Wow allot of us here in blogger land have allot in common :0)