Monday, January 21, 2008

A Motley Crew...

Today being Martin Luther King Day I was fortunate to have the day off. My mom came out for a visit and since it was such a nice day, we went for a ride. Well, kinda. Luna is still too young, Skeye is too small for me, Katie still recovering from her injury, Thorn was sore after 6 hours of riding Saturday and Destiny threw a shoe... So our "riding" group consisted of 2 people mounted on horses, 1 person walking a mini donkey, and 2 dogs!

Lindsey hopping on Skeye bareback
Lindsey and Skeye, Grammy and Paint Mare
And off we go...
I had the camera most of the time and being on foot fell behind. So we have some "behind" shots LOL.

But sometimes Dillon was BEHIND me!
Tanner sneaking through the brush

Zacchaeus found SOMETHING!

I did get Lindsey to take a few shots...
Paint Mare was NOT happy with Dillon!

Towards the end my boy and I were both "dragging ass"!

1 comment:

Mikey said...

Lol, there's the ornery paint mare I know and love.
Would you like Destiny's shoe replaced, lol? See, you don't have to call, just post it on the Internet!