Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fred is ready!

Well, Fred is ALMOST ready. This sweet boy was recently gelded, he is healing nicely and we are discussing daily how long he must allow someone to hold his feet...

Let me back up here. Meet Fred:

Got an e-mail last summer, "I know you do mini rescue but will you take a donkey?" Being a sucker for longears I immediately wrote back and said yes... BUT - what is the story? (Thinking to myself, my husband is going to KILL me, maybe I can find another option for these folks...) So they tell me, they got Fred at an auction when he was only 3 days old, and they bottle fed him. He has never been off their property or away from their horses in over two years... and he was never a problem BEFORE, but lately he is picking at all their other horses and wanting to breed everything that moves. OK hold on a minute... Fred has not been gelded? Well, no, (they say), he didn't NEED to be, because he was never a problem UNTIL NOW. I very patiently tell them that I will personally guarantee that if they just go get him gelded, and give him a few weeks, he will be their sweet boy again. The response: NOPE, he is a problem and they want him gone.

Poor Fred. You'd think, being that they bottle-fed him, there would be SOME attachment there. And I am smacking my head... he didn't NEED to be gelded, because he was never a problem UNTIL NOW. Well duh! I am sorry but some people should not be let off the leash. And before I get myself in trouble here I will move on.

The day we brought Fred home I thought we were in big trouble. No, not because it took 5 people to get him on the trailer. That's not his fault... and besides he got OFF the trailer just fine! He led well and was very friendly. What worried me so much was that he was so very sad. Having been wrenched from the only life and family he had ever known, he was so depressed he would not even look at his dinner - unless I hand-fed him.

OK I will admit that by morning he was much recovered and eating on his own (thank God!) but I swear you never saw such a sad, pitiful, depressed creature as Fred that first night. He was so confused and had no clue why he had been dumped by his "family". Some people...

I know, I know, I was moving on!!

Here is Fred helping us anchor his pen.

Hhmmm what's that she's got over there?????
Got that real tight Randy????

What a sweetie! And so handsome...
Good hugs!

Unfortunately when he came to us it was too hot (flies!) so we waited to get him gelded, but his "brain surgery" was successful and he will now make someone a REALLY NICE DONKEY! He is almost old enough to train to ride and yes, if you are not a HUGE person, he is big enough. Or he would make a great cart donkey or pack donkey. Or, of course, the most AWESOME friendly yard ornament or companion to your lonely equine...

As for trailer loading and giving his feet, practice WILL make perfect, and as the weather permits we will continue working on both.

Seriously interested parties can e-mail paintedpromise@msn.com for an adoption application and more information. Let's see if we can't show Fred that someone will love him forever, no matter what!


Mikey said...

Giggle, snort, some people should not be let off the leash? AMEN!
Poor Fred, I feel bad for him. I wish people realized how much animals care for them. At least at your place he isn't lacking companionship.
And I gotta say, you are a brave soul picking up those feet every day. Pat on the back to you, cause a lot of people wouldn't even try. Obviously his old owners didn't. Sigh... people.
Wade and I have discussed Sunday and we believe we have a safe game plan :)
I hope someone out there adopts this guy. He's such a sweetie and he sure deserves a good home!!!

PaintedPromise said...

Not so brave, he's pretty good about it at first. When he gets pissy I quit. It's a little longer each time...

Fingers crossed, someone is coming Saturday to see Fred! If he does go home with them, I will be sure to tell them they need to keep working on those feet!